colors_of_fall10Today’s scene: The colors of fall are fading fast…still a few colorful reminders along Northwest 23rd Avenue.

sign_language18Sign Language | Volume 18     Subject: “Neon Open” | Location: Sunlan Lighting, 3901 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland

forbiddenfruit3A third scene from the stunning exhibit by Oregon-based sculptor Chris Antemann which is currently on display at the Portland Art Museum. To read more about the exhibit, click here

industrial_abstract#42Industrial Abstract #42 | Location: Northwest 10th Avenue, Portland

coffee_break_monday_11_17_14Coffee Break Monday | November 17, 2014    Subject: Sterling Coffee Roasters | Location: 417 Northwest 21st Avenue, Portland

sauvie_island_bridgeThe Sauvie Island Bridge crosses the Multnomah Channel of the Willamette River just north of Portland. The original Parker truss bridge, built in 1950 with a 200-foot main span, was replaced with a tied arch bridge with a 360-foot span in 2008 due to cracks discovered in 2001. Early designs for a new bridge were submitted in July 2004, and groundbreaking was held on January 4, 2006. Located at river mile three, the main span is 360 feet long and rests 80 feet above the water. The main span is of a tied arch design constructed of steel, while the approach spans are a box-girder style using pre-stressed concrete. The bridge has two lanes of traffic with shoulders and sidewalks on both sides for a total width of 66 feet. The $43 million new bridge opened June 23, 2008. (Excerpts from Wikipedia)

colors_of_fall_9Today’s scene: Simon Toparovsky’s “Fortuna” fountain in Lake Oswego’s Millennium Park.

anglesShadows and light creating some interesting angles on the Ecotrust Building (Natural Capital Center), Northwest 10th Avenue, Portland.

will_or_wontDetail of the Squeak Carnwath painting Will Or Won’t (2006), currently on display at the Portland Art Museum.

industrial_abstract#41Industrial Abstract #41 | Location: Southeast Industrial District, Portland

afas25Art For Art’s Sake [No. 25]     Subject: “Letters” | Location: Southeast Stark Street, Portland

coffee_break_monday_11_10_14Coffee Break Monday | November 10, 2014     Subject: Fresh Pot Coffee | Location: 4001 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland

forbidden_fruit_scene2A second scene from the stunning exhibit by Oregon-based sculptor Chris Antemann which is currently on display at the Portland Art Museum. To read more about the exhibit, click here

sit_back_and_relaxAn invitation to sit back and relax on the porch of the Main Lodge at McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale.

industrial_abstract#40Industrial Abstract #40 | Location: Northwest Irving Street, Portland

afas24Art For Art’s Sake [No. 24]   Subject: “Brick and Branches” | Location: Lewis & Clark College, Southwest Portland

rexallThis beautifully weathered mosaic is inset in the well-worn hardwood floors just inside the entrance of The Fresh Pot coffee shop, which is housed in a former a Rexall Drugstore at 4001 North Mississippi Avenue.

forbiddenfruitAn absolutely stunning exhibit by Oregon-based sculptor Chris Antemann is currently on display at the Portland Art Museum, which has been described as an “irreverent look at history and the decorative arts tradition” through the medium of exquisite porcelain sculpture. It was difficult to choose only one image to feature, so I will most likely post a series of images from this beautiful show during the month of November.

Descriptive excerpts from the Portland Art Museum exhibition: “In 2012, Antemann was invited to participate in the Art Studio program of the renowned Meissen Porcelain Manufactory to collaborate with the Meissen master artisans on unique pieces and a series of limited editions of her sculptures, resulting in a grand installation that reinvents and invigorates the great porcelain figurative tradition. Using the Garden of Eden as her metaphor, the artist created a contemporary celebration of the 18th-century banqueting craze. Employing her signature wit and formal references to classic Baroque Meissen figurines, Antemann has invented a new narrative on contemporary morality through her one-of-a-kind porcelain figures in a setting that evokes the decadence of Boucher and Watteau. Antemann’s Love Temple is the centerpiece and heart of the installation. It was designed to house a host of semi-clothed revelers around a banquet of “forbidden fruit.” After sculpting the Love Temple and banquet table, Antemann expanded the vision of the installation to include a pleasure garden made up of eight separate pieces that surrounds the temple, creating an elaborate tableau in the great tradition of royal 18th-century sur la table. Accompanying the lavish and overflowing banquet table is a collection of smaller sculptures [such as today’s featured post] to accompany the table along the gallery walls, evoking the tradition of palatial porcelain rooms. The small, intimate vignettes entertain with playful scenes of dalliance and seduction.”

coffee_break_monday_11_3_14Coffee Break Monday | November 3, 2014    Subject: Oblique Coffee Roasters | Location: 3039 SE Stark Street, Portland

its_that_timeHopefully everyone remembered to fall back early this morning, as the crazy ritual of Daylight Savings Time ends. This translates to dark skies at around 4pm in Portland! If you didn’t remember to set your clock back an hour this morning at 2am, perhaps this image of the black rabbit—shot at McMenamins Edgefield—will serve as a reminder!


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