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sign_language_15Sign Language | Volume 15     Subject: “Heidelberg Lager Beer” | Location: Smithson Block Building, corner of North Russell Street and North Interstate Avenue, Portland

land_ho!This statue of Captain Robert Gray stands before the Garibaldi Museum in the town of Garibaldi on the Oregon Coast. The museum is chartered to preserve the maritime heritage of the Pacific Northwest by collecting information concerning Captain Robert Gray and the historical vessels under his command, the Lady Washington and the Columbia Rediviva. “Captain Robert Gray’s discovery of the Columbia River on May 11, 1792, proved to be highly significant to the new born United States. In 1803, eleven years after Gray entered the great river of the west on the Columbia Rediviva ship, the United States acquired the Louisiana Purchase from France. The Columbia Rediviva, was the first American ship to enter the Pacific Ocean; the first American ship to carry Pacific Northwest trade to China; and the first American ship to circumnavigate the globe. During the Second term of President James Madison, 1813–1817, the United States government sought official confirmation of the discoveries and exploration conducted on the Pacific northwest coast by the American trading expedition, commanded by Captain Robert Gray a quarter century before, thereby laying claim to the entire territory drained by the Columbia River—the Oregon Country.” (Excerpt from the Garibaldi Museum website)

industrial_abstract#32Industrial Abstract #32 | Location: The Broadway Bridge, Portland 

whoA detail of the ornate architectural decoration which adorns The Frank Manor House on the campus of Lewis & Clark College in Southwest Portland.

watermarkOne of a series of huge metal poles that line up along the Eastbank Esplanade of Portland’s waterfront.

city_scenes_no4City Scenes | No. 4     Location: Near Southeast 3rd Avenue and Southeast Market Street in Portland’s Southeast Industrial District

coffee_break_monday_8_25_14Coffee Break Monday | August 25, 2014    Subject: Isla’s Garden Cafe  Location: 4237 SW Corbett Avenue, Portland

nw_dance_projectWindow of the NW Dance Project Studio & Performance Center, located at 833 North Shaver Street.

street_art_pdx_no9Street Art PDX | No. 9      “Sunnyside Piazza” | Location: SE 33rd & Yamhill Streets, Portland

city_scenes_no3City Scenes | No. 3     Location: View from the sculpture garden of the Portland Art Museum and the buidlings of SW 10th Avenue in the background.

paris_in_pdx_6_clouds_of_pissarroThe sixth in a series of posts highlighting the Portland Art Museum’s outstanding international exhibition, The Art of the Louvre’s Tuileries Garden—exploring the art, design, and evolution of Paris’ most famous garden. I have visited this outstanding exhibition on three separate occasions, and each time I find myself standing before Camille Pissarro’s painting series of the Tuileries Garden, staring at and completely lost in the beautiful colors and flowing forms of those amazing, ethereal clouds. Somehow, in these two incredible canvases—The Carousel Courtyard (1900; top) and The Tuileries Garden on a Winter Afternoon (1899; bottom)—Pissarro seems to have done the impossible: To capture the elusive light that is unique to the city of Paris.

There is still one month left to go and get lost in the clouds of Pissarro, and to see all the other treasures in this wonderful gift of Paris In Portland; the exhibition closes on September 21, 2014.

industrial_abstract#31Industrial Abstract #31 | Location: Southeast Portland Industrial District

sirensOne of the three sculptural Sirens (Thelxiepeia, Parthenope, and Agalope) by artist Simon Toparovsky that line the long the walkway which joins the upper and lower portions of Lake Oswego’s Millennium Park. Another Toparovsky sculpture, Icarus Falling, can be seen in the distance (with a better view here).

sleepymonkCoffee Break Monday | August 18, 2014     Subject: Artwork inside Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters | Location: 1235 South Hemlock, Cannon Beach, Oregon

voodoo_doughnutsThe Portland institution—Voodoo Doughnut—will pull right up to your doorstep and bring a lot of sugary voodoo to your next party or event with their Voodoo Doughnut Van! Through a unique partnership with Impact NW, the mobile Voodoo Doughnut van employs area youth who have graduated from Urban Opportunities, a job-readiness program for high school students from under-supported high schools in the Portland area. (For more info, click here)

parish_st_markThe beautiful brick and iron work of the Parish of Saint Mark, located at the corner of NW 21st Avenue and NW Marshall Street in Northwest Portland.

ospreyOne of the many Osprey nests that can be spotted on Sauvie Island, 12 miles northwest of downtown Portland. Of the 486 bird species found in Oregon, a remarkable 250 of these have been known to use Sauvie Island. The island features over 12,000 acres of wetlands and on the southwest side of the island, Oregon State Parks owns and manages a 180-acre parcel that packs in nearly all of the native habitats found elsewhere on the island.

spiralThe 114-step spiral staircase at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, which stands near the mouth of the Yaquina River near Newport on the Oregon Coast.

industrial_abstract#30Industrial Abstract #30 | Location: North Albina Avenue, North Portland Industrial District

garden_pathOne of several stone pathways of that wind their way through the beautiful scenery of the Portland Japanese Garden. These pathways are part of the Natural Garden which was “created to be an environment that encourages visitors to rest, relax, and reflect on the very essence and brevity of life”.