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IM000996.JPGHappy Halloween from pdx|cept!

DSC_001732The ominous lighting in this photo shot of the Portland Aerial Tram seemed a perfect fit for a post on the eve of Halloween…

colors_of_fall8Today’s scene: A pumpkin farm on Sauvie Island, ten miles northwest of downtown Portland.

DSC_0227Industrial Abstract #39 | Location: Northwest Industrial District, Portland

baristaCoffee Break Monday | October 27, 2014     Subject: Barista | Location: 823 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland

picasso_mediterraneo _post“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” –Pablo Picasso | On October 25, 1881—133 years ago—Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain, and he would go on to become widely hailed as one of the greatest artists of all time. By continually reinventing his innovative artistic styles during his 91 years, he would forever change the way we look at the world. | During the years 1945-1962, Picasso began to spend more and more time in southern France, drawing on the sun-drenched Côte d’Azur as a continual source of inspiration. A wonderful evening was spent celebrating the birth, life and amazing art of the Spanish master’s ‘Mediterranean Years’ at Mediterranean Exploration Company in Portland’s Pearl District. An incredible meal, truly a feast for the senses: Grilled Octopus Salad with roasted sweet peppers; Fried Calamari in spicy tomato sauce with ouzo; “Hellenic Republic” Saganaki with figs, olive oil and lemon; Grilled Prawns with red charmula, parsley and preserve lemon; Morroccan Brick Chicken with arugula salad. And for dessert: Cardomom Ice Cream Affogato with Turkish coffee. Delicious aromas filling the room, perfectly balanced and beautifully presented dishes—true culinary works of art! If Picasso had been seated at our table, he surely would have been inspired to create his next masterpiece. Joyeux anniversaire, Pablo!

colors_of_fall7Today’s scene: The colors of the setting sun on a late autumn afternoon, shot at a farm on Sauvie Island, ten miles northwest of downtown Portland.

coast_railThe Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad in Garibaldi, made even more scenic by the dramatic cumulus clouds taking shape over Tillamook Bay.

halloween_skeletonWith only 8 days left until All Hallows’ Eve, the countdown to Halloween is on. Today’s image was shot on Hawthorne Avenue in Portland’s East Side.

colors_of_fall_6Today’s scene: A sweeping view of Portland’s fall colors, with the Mt. Tabor Reservoir in the foreground, the southeast, and the southwest hills in the background.

industrial_abstract#38Industrial Abstract #38 | Location: Sauvie Island, ten miles northwest of downtown Portland

coffee_break_monday_10_20_14Coffee Break Monday | October 20, 2014     Subject: Water Avenue Coffee Company | Location: 1028 SE Water Avenue, Portland

bottlecap_skullWith only 12 days left until All Hallows’ Eve, the countdown to Halloween is on. Today’s image was shot in one of the fun and eclectic shops of Portland’s East Side. A bottle-cap skull? Now that’s a new spin on a Halloween decoration!

the_hawk_and_the_doveFlanking the front entrance of the Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art on the campus of Portland’s Lewis & Clark College, are two monumental bronze sentries created by Montana artist John Buck in 1999. Music In the Sky and The Hawk and the Dove (shown in detail above) were commissioned by Life Trustee Harold Schnitzer and his wife, Arlene, to complete the threshold to the Hoffman Gallery. Selected by Mr. and Mrs. Schnitzer from several wood-carved maquettes, the chosen sculptures were cast by Walla Walla Foundry in Walla Walla, Washington. In each sculpture, the objects held aloft by the human figures symbolize the disciplines of the liberal arts. (Excerpts from the Lewis & Clark website)

colors_of_fall_5Today’s scene: The classic orange glow of traditional Halloween pumpkins, as seen in displays all across Portland.

flowFeatured in the collection of The Portland Art Museum, Flow #1 | 2011, is a daringly sculpted work evocative of flowing water, from the hand of Fujikasa Satoko (Japanese, born 1980), a young ceramist who has recently emerged internationally as one of the most promising new talents in a crowded field. This stoneware sculpture captures form in dynamic motion while testing the limits of ceramic technique to create an organic shape that seems to defy gravity and solidify movement. The core of the sculpture is sand-glazed and covered with a matte white slip that is reminiscent in color and texture of the stalactites found in the limestone caves of Akiyoshi Plateau, in Yamaguchi Prefecture, where the artist was born. (Excerpts from the descriptions of The Portland Art Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

halloween_countdown2014#2With only 16 days left until All Hallows’ Eve, the countdown to Halloween is on. Today’s image was shot at Cornell Farm, an extensive garden center located in the beautiful west hills of Portland. October is a particularly festive time at Cornell Farm, as they go all-out with wonderful displays of fall colors that feature pumpkins of all shapes and sizes—as well as a few creepy creatures scattered about the property!

industrial_abstract#37Industrial Abstract #37 | Location: Near Garibaldi Marina | Garibaldi, Oregon

coffee_break_monday_10_13_14Coffee Break Monday | October 13, 2014     Subject: Sleepy Monk  Organic Coffee Roasters | Location: 1235 South Hemlock, Cannon Beach, Oregon

joan_of_arcI previously posted a photo of this beautiful Joan of Arc sculpture (located at Coe Circle in the Laurelhurst neighborhood of Northeast Portland), but there are so many interesting and dramatic vantage points, I had to share another. For the backstory of the monument, please see this earlier post.