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the_sun_sets_on_2014As the sun sets on 2014, a time of contemplation for the year past and the new year about to begin. Wishing everyone a very joyful, peaceful and prosperous 2015!

(Image photographed at Rockaway Beach, Oregon)

the_big_chillWith low temperatures dipping down to the 20° mark, and high temperatures hovering around the freezing point, we can expect to see scenes like this one (shot in Portland’s Southwest Hills) appearing throughout Portland to ring in the New Year.

coffee_break_monday_12_29_14Coffee Break Monday | December 29, 2014    Subject: With A Dash of Cinnamon | Location: Coffeehouse-Five, 740 North Killingsworth Street, Portland

sign_language21Sign Language | Volume 21      Subject: “Pine State Biscuits” | Location: 2204 Northeast Alberta Street, Portland

broken_glassIndustrial Abstract #47 | Location: Sauvie Island, Oregon (approximately 10 northwest of downtown Portland)

neri_filterSubject: Arco de Geso VI (1985) by Manuel Neri     Location: Portland Art Museum,1219 Southwest Park Avenue, Portland

12days12_cmasMerry Christmas to all from pdx|cept!

hopeMessages of hope and prayers for peace, symbolized by devotional votive candle offerings at The Grotto’s Christmas Festival of Lights | Northeast 85th and Sandy Boulevard, Portland

dulcimerChristmas music played on a hammered dulcimer at The Grotto’s Christmas Festival of Lights | Northeast 85th and Sandy Boulevard, Portland

coffee_break_monday_12_22_14Coffee Break Monday | December 22, 2014   

I hope that’s not the coffee that Ellen Brody brought to Michael while he was in the hospital! This one is going out to you, Jim Beller of,—one of the few people who will get this reference! Spotted this at The Fresh Pot (4001 North Mississippi Avenue in Portland), thought of you, and had to send it along! Happy Holidays to you!!

grotto_treeSubject: The Grotto’s Christmas Festival of Lights    Location: The Grotto, Northeast 85th and Sandy Boulevard, Portland

industrial_abstract46Industrial Abstract #46  |  Location: Southeast Industrial District, Portland

winter_skySubject: Winter sky over Portland     Location: Shot from Vista Avenue in the Southwest Hills, Portland

sign_language20Sign Language | Volume 20     Subject: “The People’s Yoga” | Location: 3016 Northeast Killingsworth Street, Portland

sounds_of_the_seasonSubject: Beautiful sounds of the holiday season by choirs at The Grotto’s Christmas Festival of Lights   Location: The Grotto, Northeast 85th and Sandy Boulevard, Portland

santa_&_companySubject: Santa & Company on display at Sunlan Lighting   Location: 3901 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland

coffee_break_monday_12_15_14Coffee Break Monday | December 15, 2014    Subject: Courier Coffee Roasters | Location: 923 SW Oak Street, Portland

laurelhurstSubject: Marquee of the Laurelhurst Theater    Location: 2735 East Burnside Street, Portland

trois_baguettesSubject: Trois baguettes    Location: MAURICE Luncheonette, 921 SW Oak Street, Portland

city_scenes6City Scenes | No. 6     Location: Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Southwest Broadway, Portland