Portland, Oregon (commonly known by its nickname “PDX”) is an amazing city. It exhibits many small town attributes while blending in the perfect dash of big city benefits—a unique mix that creates one of the most liveable cities on the planet. Portland is part Mayberry, part Manhattan: An eclectic and thriving music scene; A vibrant art and cinema culture; Citizens as varied and diverse as the neighborhoods they inhabit; An interesting mix of architectural styles; Abundant organic produce from local farms; An outstanding and ever-evolving culinary culture…

Sounds perfect, right? Well, almost. There is one exception:

The weather.

Portland’s weather is an alluring temptress, exposing her stunning beauty one glorious day only to cloak herself with an ominous gray shroud the next—becoming moody and temperamental while shedding endless tears from the sky for the next thirty days straight. For a California transplant with consistently sunny, perfect weather running through his veins, the erratic weather of this great Pacific Northwest city can be quite vexing.

So, how do I cope? By looking at the bright side and by witnessing, admiring and documenting the beauty of this great city through photography. And in Portland, beauty abounds: Interesting textures on a worn and weathered industrial building; A pleasing or amusing work of art or architectural detail; A stunning landscape, cloud formation or mountain in the distance; A vibrant and energetic new Pearl District restaurant…

I love all things Portland…except the weather. Hence, I present pdx|cept: A visual journal of the things that allow me to weather the storm and see the light on the horizon.

Jonathan Meeks

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