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industrial_abstract58Industrial Abstract #58 | Location: Alleyway in Bend, Oregon

afas22Art For Art’s Sake [No. 22]     Subject: “Alley Art” | Location: Alleyway near Northwest Minnesota Avenue | Bend, Oregon

colors_of_fall_2Autumn has arrived and the colors of fall are everywhere in Portland and all over the beautiful state of Oregon. Today’s scene: The marquee of the Tower Theater in Bend, Oregon as seen through the fiery glow of autumn-colored leaves in the trees along Northwest Wall Street.

two_bitsTwo Bits (2011) is a sculpture by artist Greg Congleton, located in Farewell Bend Park in Bend, Oregon. The life-size horse logging sculpture was commissioned to celebrate the timber industry that put Bend on the map in the early 1900s; it is made of found objects including a Singer sewing machine, chain saws, wrenches and gears, golf clubs and an automotive transmission.

oktoberfestOktoberfest celebrations kicked off on September 20 and are now in full swing, including the Bend Oktoberfest which took place in Bend, Oregon this past weekend. Helping to celebrate the event, Ranch Records on NW Wall Street created a festive front window display of Oktoberfest-themed LPs. Prost!